The Learning Experience

Harnessing the Forum's network of innovators, experts and practitioners, the Academy continually updates subscribers on the transformations affecting industry. The experience is turnkey and subscription-based, delivering the most relevant insights and debates every few weeks. All Academy content is developed using four learning principles:

  • 360 Perspective

    A holistic view leveraging the Forum's global network of the best minds in academia, business, civil society and government

  • Strategic Foresight

    A window into the future for early identification of both core and adjacent industry transformations

  • Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Community

    A setting that enables and maximizes purpose-oriented interaction and peer-to-peer learning

  • Agile and Applied Learning

    A uniquely structured framework that empowers leaders to navigate complexity and apply learning to make informed decisions

The Learning Experience in Practice

As part of World Economic Forum Academy, subscribers gain access to:

A Global Network of Peers

By subscribing to the Academy, participants join a diverse global community of leaders that spans regions and sectors. The Academy platform enables and encourages ongoing discussion about the programme, creating opportunities for deep learning and relationship building throughout the year.

Insights from Forum Events Around the World

World Economic Forum Academy curates the best of the Forum's in-person events, distilling the key takeaways for Academy participants.

Curated Videos by the World's Experts

Participants receive the core programme through curated expert videos that highlight the business implications of that week's specific topic, why it is important, and where it is headed.

Live Webinars

In addition to the core videos, participants have exclusive access to live webinars by the world's foremost thought leaders. This is an unparalleled opportunity to interact with the experts, ask questions and get direct feedback. Webinars are recorded for those who cannot participate in the live event.

A Framework to Assess Transformations and Their Impacts

The World Economic Forum continuously scans the horizon for the key transformations affecting industries, regions and issues. The result is a dynamic and always-up-to-date "transformation map" of the shifts affecting business and society. The Academy in turn draws on the knowledge and networks created by this effort to prioritize the most relevant areas for discussion and exploration.

  • Insights are delivered every few weeks

  • Participants can expect to spend about 3 hours per month on the Academy, with a significant portion of that time in deep peer-to-peer learning